Institutional Medical Facilty

Heri Health provides a fully equipped and staffed facility, accredited and licensed by the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Council, for use by the students during their time in school. The service ensures that students do not have to leave school for common ailments. This will save time, costs, and reduce exposure to the outside environment.
The full time staff complement will include a nurse, a clinical officer, Pharmaceutical personnel and Laboratory personnel.
This team will be trained, managed and supervised by a Clinical Services team, led by a Consultant Physician and incorporating a consultant Pathologist and Clinical Pharmacist.

Management of emergency medical conditions

Sports injuries. Workman injuries. Trauma during school activities. Burns (school kitchen or labs). Poisoning. Life threatening medical conditions. Safe evacuation to hospital.

Wellness, Health and Safety

In addition to the curative services, Heri Health offers robust wellness, health and safety activities as prescribed by the Ministry guideline of 2020 and, the School Health Policy of 2018.
These include Implementation of the various Covid 19 guidelines, Environmental Conservation, Fire safety and fire drills, First Aid, Career guidance, Conflict resolution (family, friends, school administration), Time management, Stress and mental health management, Relationship management, Sexual education, Menstrual Health campaigns and Health talks on various issues pertinent to the students.

The medical team allocated to the school will work closely with the Health and Safety committee and Covid 19 Committee in the school to derive and implement health and safety strategies, and will offer monitoring and evaluation support as well.

Fleet and Transport Management

Fleet management ensures that staff and students are transported safely and efficiently.

We assist institutions comply with NTSA and Ministry of Education guidelines regarding transport of students.

We ensure that the fleet is regularly inspected well maintained and comprehensively insured.

We also ensure that the staff are fit to drive the vehicles, with special focus on their vision, hearing and stress management.